Losel Shedrup Ling will have a membership
meeting on Sunday, March 26, at 2:00 PM

Members and friends are invited to join the LSLK board @ the center at 2PM on Sunday March 26th to discuss an opportunity to move to a larger location. Among other considerations, we will discuss how ownership in the building might strengthen our ability to continue offering space in Knoxville for the beautiful practices and gatherings that make up our sangha, as well as leverage LSLK’s resources in support of other opportunities for contemplative practice and arts in the city.

Please message me (Traci Black: traciwrightblack@gmail.com) if there are questions you would like addressed before the meeting and I’ll do my best to answer as specifics continue to come into place.

May the Buddha’s teachings flourish,
may all the teacher’s have long lives (and patience),
may the sangha always be in harmony,
and may all beings benefit!

Please join us!