Sangha Building

MOCD Spring Retreat 2018

Please contact  for registration or if you are willing to prepare lunch for the retreat on any day.

JamYang PhünTsok 2018

This event is canceled due to the passing away of

The Venerable Lama Norlha Rinpoche

Namo Bhagavate Akshobhaya
Tathagataya Arhate Samyaksambuddhyaya

Seeding Conscious Intentions for the New Year

Retreat Within Reach

Retreat Within Reach

Live Webcast Meditation

with Lama Karma

Milarepa Retreat Center is happy to restart the Retreat Within Reach video conference meditation program.

Sessions will be offered every Tuesday at 7 pm through subscription. 

Starts January 16

(After you subscribe Lama Karma will send instructions on how  to connect)

The program will explore different aspects of meditation—calming and clarifying the mind; compassion and self-compassion; the wisdom of the body; relating  with  emotions;  open  awareness;  groundlessness  and  courage—with thorough instruction for beginners as well as experienced meditators.

Click here to go the MOCD website for more information

Happy New Year!

Help us celebrate the New Year by donating to our new fundraiser for a Tibetan refugee family!


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We are planning events for the coming year and will post soon!

Hoping to celebrate Losar in our new space! Come and help out!

Nov 18, 2017: Vajrasattva Instruction and Practice with Lama Karma

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Nov 19, 2017: Green Tara Practice & Teaching with Lama Karma

Please join us for Green Tara
practice followed by a teaching
with Lama Karma

Sunday, Nov 19, 2017
10:00 AM