Maitreya Prayer for Future Lives

A Maitreya Prayer for Future Lives
Geshe Ngawang Dhargyey
translated by Alexander Berzin, 1975

In the past, I have wandered down long, lonely paths,
But now, O my Guardian, by remembering you
At the time when the light of my life comes to set,
May the hook of your compassion catch hold of my mind.

When my mind travels on to my future rebirth,
May I sprout without hindrance from the heart of a lotus
In your presence, Maitreya, in Tushita Pure Land,
And may I be nourished on Mahayana’s ambrosia.

O Guardian Maitreya, when you are the spiritual mentor
Of wandering beings, beyond number, at the site of Bodh Gaya,
May I too become one of your foremost disciples
And be able to ripen all fortunate ones.

In short, whatever good deeds I have done throughout the three times
I dedicate as causes for being born in your presence, my Guardian,
And by manifesting and teaching the Mahayana paths,
May I become a true refuge for all exhausted and miserable wandering beings.