• First Sunday of Each Month: Green Tara practice, and
    teaching offered by Lama Karma!
    (open to all)
  • Second Sunday: White Tara practice (open to all)
  • Third Sunday: Red Tara practice (open to all, though certain aspects of the practice require specific empowerment by a qualified lama; meditative visualization and prayer in which enlightened mind is visualized in the form of Red Tara, a powerful feminine deity)
  • Fourth Sunday: Medicine Buddha practice (open to all; the healing power of all the Buddhas is focused and made accessible for use in this world – anyone, Buddhist or not, can ask to have a loved one who needs healing to be included in the dedication)
  • Fifth Sunday: teaching or practice (open to all)


  • Meditation, liturgy, and teaching: Our weekly service consists of samatha meditation, seven limb practice and a teaching. Everyone – especially those new to Tibetan Buddhism – is invited to attend.



  • Monday Evening Insight Meditation Sangha: Guided meditation, discussion and a loving-kindness practice. See Knoxville Insight Meditation Sangha for more information. Everyone’s welcome!





  • Wednesday Evening Introduction to Buddhism: Gampopa’s Ornament of Precious Liberation. Meetings led by Lama Karma.

  • Everyone’s welcome!



  • Chenrezig practice (open to all)

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  1. Hi I am a student and am doing a paper for my class about Buddhism. I would love to come visit and learn more about the religion. I was looking at coming on Thursday to the Meditation practice with Lama Samten and Lama Karma. Is that open to the public?

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